Hello, I'm Hilda!

I am a health coach and fitness professional, passionate about encouraging people to fuel their bodies with real food. My nickname is “Chispa” (which means “spark” in Spanish). I am energetic and enthusiastic about expanding my understanding, and yours, when it comes to all things pertaining to health.

I am a wife and mother of four, a group fitness instructor, podcaster, and the owner of a cat and dog. I'm also in a neighborhood band. Life is full, but fun!  

My life had a kind of shaky start, though: I was born with a birth defect, a hole in my heart between the lower two ventricles. It was repaired by open-heart surgery when I was nine years old. This propelled me to want to take care of this body of mine, and later inspired me to help others do the same.

I came across the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) about 10 years ago, and loved the simplicity of their approach to wellness. They point to embracing the traditions and foods of the past for optimal health today. This means avoiding over-processed and packaged items, and eating food that our grandparents would recognize as food. I love their philosophy SO much that, in January 2016, I launched the Wise Traditions podcast. As the producer and host of the weekly show, I interview guests from a variety of backgrounds to dig deeper into what it means to pursue and attain good health. The show now has over one million downloads and I'm thrilled that it is transforming lives! I know it has changed mine!

Movement is also critical to good health, which is why I am a HUGE fan of Body & Soul Fitness. They literally have a program for every body! I teach their dance, interval training, and cardio classes on a weekly basis. I also am the DC Metro Regional Director for Body & Soul, overseeing instructors in the area. I love that Body & Soul Fitness challenges the body, while lifting the spirit!

I want to inspire you on your holistic health journey, through my blog, podcast, and events. Click around on this site to find something that speaks to you!